• The first day of school is always exciting to an outsider. For 10 years, I’ve been reporting on the first day of school and it’s one of my favorite assignments.

    Emotions bubble over on the first day for children, parents and teachers. For many, the day is a return to friends after the long summer weeks of being “stuck” at home with no one but parents and siblings.

  • The Service Station Dealers of America and Allied Trades believes that the passage of the Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act (S 3181/HR 2057) is critical to the long term survival of a competitive automotive repair industry. The right to repair bill protects consumer choice and saves drivers money by requiring that big automobile manufacturers share relevant repair and safety information with local neighborhood automotive technicians and repair shops so that consumers retain the freedom to choose where and by whom their vehicles are serviced.

  • I would like to know what the purpose of having metal detectors at the entrance of the Grayson County Courthouse is if the men and women in uniform do not check everyone that causes the alarm to go off.

  • By Ken Begley

     I’m 52 years old and I grew up in a time when large families were the norm. It wasn’t rich people that had all the kids. Quite frankly, most every family back then seemed to me to have about the same level of wealth, and it really wasn’t a lot. Yet people had children at levels that are unimaginable in this day and time. For example, I was one of nine kids. Several of my in-laws had almost that many kids with one, Karen, being one of 15.

  • The current oil disaster in the Gulf reminds us daily that the United States faces enormous environmental problems that ultimately will reach everyone. We constantly read and hear about climate change and dependence on oil. Finding ways to live sustainably might challenge many. What does it mean to live sustainably? Sustainability is an environmental movement that encourages people to use fewer resources and more renewal forms of energy, as well as life style changes to accomplish that.

  • By David B. Whitlock

  • The past couple weeks, I have altered my eating habits a bit. It’s what I like to call my grandparenting diet.

    Since our daughters began having children, my interests have changed to come into alignment with the interests of the three preschoolers who have joined our family and captured my heart.

    To be able to relate, it’s important to keep in touch with their changing interests.

  • This is an interesting but hectic job. It gets even more hectic when your computer goes down, which is what happened to me around 10 a.m. last Tuesday.

    For anyone who doesn’t know, Tuesdays are production days at The Record. It’s the day all the stories and photos are brought together on the pages of the paper and sent, electronically, to the printing plant in Elizabethtown.

    It’s crunch day, all day long. Depending on the page count (this week 18 and 6) it could be a short eight hour day or a longer “will this paper ever get finished” day.

  • I call him Charlie.

    Charlie is a pencil-thin, long, green snake. He crossed the path at the park with the quietest slither I’ve never heard.

    Cindy and I discovered him one day while we were walking. Neither of us are too scared of snakes, but we were both startled to meet Charlie.

    Cindy’s reaction would have been funny if I wasn’t so startled myself. In an instance she was on the other side of the track and I thought she was going to be half up a nearby tree nearby before stopping.

  • By Nancy Kennedy

    A writer friend in Denver once got a letter from a now-former reader of hers who said not only would she never buy another of my friend’s books, but she would tell all her friends to boycott them too.

    The reason? The reader accused my friend of quoting from a “lesbian” Bible.

    According to the reader, supposedly the Bible translation my friend used may or may not have had a lesbian on the team of translators.

  • I am sure most of us who have a post office box and travel to the post office almost daily are like me-a little bit tired of the back door being closed because it needs to be repaired.

    I inquired early on about when it may be fixed and was told it took “three days to get the bathroom fixed,” and it would probably be gotten to in time.

  • One of my favorite movies is “The American President,” starring Annette Benning, Michael J. Fox and Michael Douglas as President Andrew Shepherd. The movie has some fantastic quotes and I think it demonstrates an ideal that is getting lost in our society today.

  • The die is cast. The candidates for November’s election have been narrowed and the city, county and nation will have to make choices in six months on whomever is left in the race. That’s a long time to be subjected to rotten political advertisements.

  • This Saturday is Prom at Grayson County High School. The Grayson County Anti Drug Coalition wants all students to enjoy a great prom while staying safe. To the parents in our community, we ask that you do not provide alcohol to students or let your children attend parties where alcohol will be present. Even if teens will not be driving, underage drinking of alcohol is both dangerous and illegal.

  • By Stephanie Hornback

    For most of my adult life, I’ve had a recurring dream that I’m getting ready to go onstage, only to realize I haven’t even looked at my script. The setting varies, as do the people in the play with me and how I handle the situation. Sometimes I flee and sometimes I try to cram in a quick memorization session before I go before the crowd. But the feeling of terror is always the same, that moment when it hits me that I’m grossly unprepared.

  • I have severe asthma. I receive my medications through a by-mail company. Usually I receive it long before I run out. About two weeks ago, I knew I would take my last dose of my inhaler on Friday evening. I called the company to inquire as to when I might receive my monthly supply. They informed me the following Wednesday at the latest. That meant I might have to go without for four days.

  • As a senior citizen of the City of Leitchfield, I would like to thank the mayor and the city council for providing us with the walking track at the City’s Beville Park. This has provided many hours of enjoyment to be able to walk and enjoy the birds and various animals that call this their home. This will provide enjoyment for the people of this city for many years to come.

    Nathan Clark, Leitchfield

  • The fiddler’s contest is coming up this weekend and many Grayson County residents have yet to attend the state championship event held at Rough River Lake.

    It’s worth the trip to the lake just to say you’ve “been there, done that.” The lake is nice this time of year and even if you don’t like Bluegrass music, the jig dancing is something to watch.

    One thing about the fiddler’s contest is that it’s a state event. It’s the Official Kentucky State Championship Old Time Fiddlers Contest.

  • On behalf of Kentucky’s small business community, I want to thank Gov. Beshear for taking such a commonsense approach to resolving the state’s budget crisis.

    I especially want to thank him for coming out with a budget that doesn’t call for a tax increase and focuses cuts away from essential services.

  • As any cancer survivor knows, adversity can reveal unknown strengths and bring out the best in people.

    These stories can be very inspirational, especially to those recently diagnosed and those looking for comfort.

    With Relay for Life coming up in just a few weeks, The Record invites cancer survivors, caregivers, family and friends to tell us about the attitudes, strengths and personalities that comes with fighting cancer, surviving cancer or losing the battle.