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    You love the look of natural wood flooring but are afraid to install hardwood because you know the floor will take a beating from the kids, dogs and the heavy day-to-day traffic all too common in modern family life.

    Don’t sacrifice highstyle looks for boring sensibility when considering a new flooring option in your home.

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    Saving the environment can be an overwhelming task. With everything in the news about how to make your home more energy efficient, it’s easy to become bewildered when thinking about all the improvements you could make. But there’s no need to worry, as you don’t have to make your home into a model for green living all at once.

  • Grayson County’s largest art project celebrated its 50th piece. The Clothesline of Quilts has 50 quilt squares hanging across the county  on barns, businesses and buildings. The project is a community partnership to present an open air art gallery to those traveling through the county. It also reflects the traditions of county residents. Several home and business owners have selected quilt designs that are part of their family heritage. It’s a dramatic way to preserve a historic quilt that has been passed down for generations.

  • By Katie Atkins, Dana Lucas and Kayla Milliner; DECA students

    The Grayson County DECA Faces of Autism project will present a series of articles about Autism. This is the first of four articles that will be published for Autism Awareness. In the next 3 articles, we will talk about families with children who have Autism and how it affects their daily lives. By the end of the series, you will be more aware of what autism is and how it affects the family and how you can help make a difference.

  • Several Kentucky State Parks, including Nolin and Rough River, will be participating in “Second Sunday” on Oct. 10, an event aimed at offering fitness activities to Kentuckians.

    Kentucky is consistently ranked among the top 10 states for obesity and obesity-related diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service is the event organizer along with local partners.

  • Sandra and Bruce Johnson celebrate wedding

    Richard Eric Collard and Jessica Michelle Poteet to wed

    Jamie E. Embry graduates

  • Grayson County United Way kicked off its fundraising campaign on Wednesday, Oct. 13. The organization uses volunteers in the community to make the county a better place to live for all residents through several programs funded by the donations gathered during the campaign.The United Way is committed to helping children and youth succeed and promoting self-sufficiency. Judge-executive Gary Logsdon proclaimed October United Way Month at the kick off.

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    It’s the time of year to finish all the projects around the house that you put off all summer to go to the lake.

    Regardless if it is finishing a new deck, renovating the kitchen or building a new garage, it needs to be finished before winter hits. You will need to take a few easy steps in order to start — and  finish — the job.

  • Karson Reed Powell, Wyat Ray Haycraft and Alexander Kane Watson were born.

    Read details in the Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010 issue of The Record.

  • Dr. Robert Clagett was the guest speaker for the Grayson County Historical Society’s general meeting Oct. 12 at the Jack Thomas House.

    Growing up in Leitchfield gave Dr. Clagett many chances to acquire a lot of the history of Leitchfield in the 1930s and 40s, along with many funny an interesting stories which he shared with the crowd attending the meeting.

    Dr. Clagett had a successful dental practice in Elizabethtown for many years. He is retired and enjoys his family, painting, building model airplanes, carving and giving talks on various subjects.

  • Unless you’re among a select group of people, sitting down and creating a budget does not sound like very much holiday fun. Nevertheless, in tough economic times, the Better Business Bureau recommends that mapping out your spending in November will help ease the strain of a financial holiday hangover in January.

    Creating a budget and being disciplined enough to follow it, is one of the best ways to avoid overspending during the holidays.

    * Step 1: Consider your income.

  • Cooper Dillon Justis is born.

    Frederick Michael Ramsey is born.

  • The Columbine shooting still ricochets across the nation and last Thursday it penetrated the Grayson County community through a presentation called Rachel’s Challenge.

    Rachel Joy Scott was one of the 12 students killed at Columbine. Her family organized a presentation of Rachel’s ethics and have been spreading her story across the United States since December 1999. More than 13 million people have heard her story.

  • Feel like there’s never enough room in your home to store everything? Chances are you don’t need more square footage, you just need to get organized.

    Check out these hot home helpers that will soon make your spaces more organized and enjoyable, all at an affordable price.

  • Shelia and Terry Tyra and Kenny and Diana Glasscock would like to announce that their daughter, Jenna Glasscock, graduated third in her class from University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law, magna cum laude, in May and recently passed the Kentucky Bar Exam.

    Jenna graduated from Grayson County High School in 2003, was a a Kentucky Governor’s Scholar in 2002 and graduated from University of Louisville magna cum laude, as a University Honors Scholar in 2007.

  • Submitted by GC Rotary

    James (Jim) Holloway and Jack Ewing became members in January 1970 and were our most senior members until Jim’s health began to fail and he felt he was not able to contribute to the club as he thought he should.

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    Renovating your home can be daunting. The last thing you want to worry about is the possible lead-related health risk of some common renovation tasks. Sanding, demolition and siding and window replacement can all disturb lead-based paint, placing you and your family at risk of lead poisoning.

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    Leitchfield native Scotty R. Sharp graduated from the Kentucky State Police Academy in Frankfort on Sept. 17. Trooper Sharp will join the Kentucky State Police Post 2 Madisonville with five other new troopers.

    Sharp, 37, graduated from Grayson County High School in 1991. He received his BA from Western Kentucky University in 1996 and his masters from Western Kentucky University in 2006.

    Trooper Sharp is married with three children. He is assigned to Hopkins County.

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    Look through any interior design magazine and you’ll notice one common theme across all the featured homes: a lack of clutter.

    In the most beautifully decorated homes in the world, you’re unlikely to see hairdryers and beauty products sitting out on the bathroom counter. You might think that it’s just a trick of styling for a photo shoot, but with the right storage solutions, clutter doesn’t need to be a part of any home’s decor.

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    A 2010 survey by American Express indicates that homeowners will spend more than $6,000 on average on home improvements this year. For one lucky homeowner this money may come back to their bank account. It’s as simple as installing a roof and sharing the picture for all to admire.