• Faulty assessment tool used in Common Core process

    By Jim Waters
    Guest Columnist

    It’s no surprise that those pushing federally driven, one-size-fits-all academic standards also heavily endorse assessment tools that not only have a track record of past failure in Kentucky, but also offer little chance of success anywhere else in the nation.

    It’s not that performance assessments are wrong. They’re not. They can be very beneficial and have been used for years in certain classrooms to achieve valuable academic experiences.

  • The Buzz in Frankfort

    By Tim Moore
    18th District State Representative

    Amid the flurry of activity surrounding bills and revisions to the Kentucky Statutes, the General Assembly also makes a point to recognize and honor various individuals and institutions.

  • SB 76: Helping schools guide our youth

    By Kent Ostrander

    Clearly, any transgender student deserves all the protection and care to which any other student is entitled, but breeching the right of privacy of all other students in restrooms, locker rooms and shower rooms to satisfy that particular student’s request is a step too far.

    State Sen. C.B. Embry’s Student Privacy Act (Senate Bill 76) provides a framework to accommodate transgender students while respecting the rights and safety of all students.

  • Beer-policy debate turns ‘Bizarro’

    By Jim Waters

    One legislator said the beer distribution policy debate that recently brewed and boiled in the Kentucky House reminded him of comic-book episodes featuring Bizarro, the super villain who appeared as the antithesis of DC Comics’ Superman in the late 1950s.

    Alvin Schwartz created the desperado with powers and flaws similar to the hero’s – only in reverse.

  • Snowbound with the kids

    The snowstorm two weeks ago was the first time in more than 15 years I’ve been isolated inside my house. More than a foot of snow was enough motivation to not step foot outside.

    Snow days are the days you really learn about your own kids. After years of listening to mom and her teacher friends, I learned that sometimes a classroom of other peoples’ kids are easier to take than a day at home with your own. After a few weeks at the middle school, I completely understand this train of thought.

    Oh those kids!

  • Editorial Cartoon 2/26/15

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  • With the federal budget, president calls the shots

    By Lee Hamilton

    Center on Congress

    It may not be obvious from the news coverage, but a good bit of Congress’s 2015 agenda just landed on Capitol Hill with a thud. I mean this literally. The federal budget that President Obama recently submitted runs to 2,000 pages.

  • Frankfort’s out-of-touch priorities

    A couple of quotes sum up what engaged Kentucky voters already know.

    The first one is provided by Mahatma Gandhi, who inspired civil-rights movements worldwide, said: “Action expresses priorities.”

    Second, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair once opined: “It is not arrogant government that chooses priorities; it’s an irresponsible government that fails to choose.”

  • Senate returns to ‘regular order’

    You probably didn’t notice, but the Senate passed a milestone a couple of weeks back. Before 2015 was a month old, senators already had a chance to vote up-or-down on more amendments than they did in all of 2014.

  • Lets make big plans together

    Dax is roughly two months from his fifth birthday. He's a thinker. He likes to figure things out and try new things and he has grand plans for the future. He has visions of what would be great when "gets big".
    At one time this year he wanted to be a fireman, policeman, doctor, ambulance driver, soldier. We told him he could do that.
    More recently, he decided that when he gets big enough, he doesn't want me to take him to school. He wants to drive himself to school.