Warren Electric Company

I don't know if anyone else is paying attention to their electric bills but I sure am.

In January, 2011 I used 297.82 worth of electric and TVA added 16.33 to the bill.

In February, 2011 I used 223.54 worth of electric and TVA added 17.09 to the bill.

March comes along and I have a chance to conserve energy to lower my bill. I use 104.63 of electricity and TVA added 46.14 in charges and Warren Electric added a distribution charge of  18.80.  What the heck?

Now I get my April bill. I conserved energy quite well and only used 53.22 of electricity. TVA adds 24.06 to my bill and Warren Electric slaps me with another distribution charge of 18.80. What should have been a very conserative electric bill is over 100.00.

How can we survive these actions. We are at their mercy to slap us with extra charges no matter how hard we try to conserve energy. I sweltered through those 90 degree days without air conditioning and my reward are extra charges. Something needs to be done.