Love and peace shown with butterflies

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It’s amazing to me how two beautiful butterflies and two precious doves can bring so much peace and comfort to a sad and broken heart. God has very unique and divine ways of comforting and showing his love to his children during sad times and happy times.
On Sept. 11, 2013, my mother, Dolus Hayes was laid to rest beside my dad, Floyd Hayes. They had been married 61 years when my dad died. He was devoted to mom. They would sit in the nursing home holding hands, showing their love and devotion to each other, which touched many hearts and lives.
Mom told me many times, “When we pass away, your dad and I will go to heaven together. We will enter heaven’s gates holding hands. And if one of us goes first, the other one will wait before leaving. That one will wait until the other one is beside them before entering the gates of heaven.”
At the grave, God gave our family a miraculous gift, comforting our broken hearts.
After mom was laid to rest, two butterflies arose from the ground, fluttering and dancing about above the graves, as if they were so glad to see each other. They stayed close and flew away into the heavens together. Peace, love and comfort overwhelmed our hearts. Mom and Dad were together in the arms of Jesus; the promise they made to each other had been fulfilled.
The next day, two precious doves appeared in front of my apartment. They rested for a while looking toward my door. Again I felt peace, love and comfort from God. They may seem like small gifts but they were worth more than gold or silver.
Flo Nikki Navarro, Clarkson