Explosive device found in mailbox

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By The Staff

A Beaver Dam Creek Road resident discovered an unwanted delivery — an explosive device — in his mailbox.
Sheriff Norman Chaffins said the man brought the device Tuesday to the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office. The man believes it was placed in his mailbox sometime Sunday evening.
Chaffins said it appeared someone tried to light the device before fleeing, but it failed to detonate because the fuse didn’t contact the igniter.
“Had the device detonated it could have caused death or serious physical injury to anyone around it,” the sheriff said, adding it was turned over to the state police Hazardous Devices Unit to be destroyed in a safe location.
He stressed that anyone discovering a suspicious device in a mailbox or on property should leave it alone and call police or the sheriff’s office.
There are no suspects in this incident, Chaffins said, asking that anyone with information call the sheriff’s office at 270-259-3024.
Placing an explosive device in a mailbox is a felony that can carry a prison term of one to five years. If someone is hurt or killed from an exploding mailbox, that prison term could increase to more than 20 years.