Community takes advantage of free screenings provided by TLRMC and WKU

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By The Staff

Almost three dozen local women and men climbed the stairs and into a large mobile health unit parked in the Walmart parking lot on Tuesday, May 11. Once inside the clean, modern truck, participants were able to take advantage of free health screenings and information. The event was a partnership between Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center and the WKU Institute for Rural Health Development and Research.

According to Deneace Clemmons, Chief Operating Officer at TLRMC , the hospital has wanted to do an event with WKU for quite a while. “We have been talking with WKU for several months about bringing their mobile health unit to Grayson County and partnering with them on something like this. Being able to use a mobile unit allows us to reach out to people in a way that is more convenient to them.”

Thirty-five women and men had bone density and blood pressure screenings performed on them. These tests were chosen because they can show medical conditions which do not usually have symptoms until a major health problem has developed.

For the bone density test, participants placed their right foot on top of a small unit which uses ultrasound to measure bone density. The test is painless and takes only a few seconds. The health professionals from WKU doing the screening could immediately tell the person their bone density score, explain the results to them and suggest ways to get more calcium into their bones if the score showed a deficiency.

Marsha Metcalfe and Kelly Hudspeth from the hospital helped participants fill out registration information and a short heart health assessment. Metcalfe took blood pressures and information on controlling high blood pressure was given to those who needed it.

“We hope to be able to do more events like this in the future,” according to Clemmons. “Whatever happens to healthcare in the future, one very important part for everybody will be to catch problems before they become life threatening.”