Advertising on the courthouse

Advertising birthdays and congratulations on the courthouse is a time-honored tradition for Grayson County. Since the courthouse has always been used for this purpose, it's difficult to take away the freedom. However, some standards might be beneficial.

Judge-executive Gary Logsdon said a sheet has never been on the courthouse for Memorial Day when a walking parade in honor of fallen veterans circle the square. That decision sets the stage for other standards.

Some standards to consider is language used on the sheets and appropriate reasons for hanging a sheet. Few people in the county would appreciate a sheet with foul language or one praising a sorrowful event. I doubt there would have been sheets hung in praise when the 10 Commandments were stripped from the courthouse walls; however, without standards for all to follow, it could easily have been a request.

Currently, the decision to hang a sheet rests with one person. It's a lot of responsibility to assume for a public-owned building. One is sure to receive calls about differences of opinion on the appropriateness of certain sheets. Maybe a sheet-hanging committe should be developed with volunteers serving to make the decisions on which sheets are hung and when. Undoubtably a calander will be needed to keep up with the requests for hanging the sheets and a time limit on how long the sheets will hang should be established.