William ‘Bill’ S. Day

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U.S. Air Force Vietnam Era

Bill Day joined the U.S. Air Force in 1971.  He trained at Laughlin Air Force Base in  Texas, starting officers school first because he had a degree in education. Then flight school in Del Rio, Texas.


He was stationed at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina where he flew F4 jets. Day worked on the reconisance operation systems of the planes. He was with the strategic air command and training wing.
It was the Vietnam era, but troops already were pulling out of the country and Day did not serve overseas.
“I had it pretty easy in service compared to most. I was trained and ready to go when needed and I am proud of my service but the most honors should go to those who were involved in combat situations.”
Day joined the Air National Guard in Alabama where he was teaching. He had taught one year at Butler County High School before joining the service.
He taught in Alabama for six years. He used the training on tactics from the Air Force in his teaching.
“It was valuable experience for teaching,” Day said.
 “In a lifetime of education, military training is the most intense in which I have been involved. Usually if you make a mistake, someone may get feelings hurt, someone may lose money, or someone may not learn what they need for the next year in school. If you make a mistake in the military, someone may die.”
Day returned to Grayson County and taught for several years before moving to a position at the central office, where he worked in the finance department for 13 years. He worked at Hardin County Schools for eight years before retiring in 2006 with 36 years in education.  
Day, whose brother is Roger Barry Day, married Connie Mason and together they have three children, Scott (Amanda) Day of Millwood, Laura (Ryan) Grant of Clarkson and Jennifer (Matt) Pruitt of Tennessee.