School safety

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DeAnna Lasley
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The Wilkey Elementary Site Based Decision Making Council is working through issues of school safety and instructional interuption. Parents at the meeting had several ideas to offer: increase bullying education and have an aide for the child(ren) with an IEP for daily one-on-one interactions.

Another suggestion, given by a Hart County substitute aide is to have a school in the district with a classsroom specifically for emotional and behavioral challenged children. The class would be seperate from learning challenged students.

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This is a brilliant

This is a brilliant initiative. I am already a fan. So many children and students are vulnerable today, we need programs like these to help them out. I a masters in public health programs and I plan to get involved in this type of causes, I really want to make a difference for these kids.

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School Safety

I am 59 years old and raised three boys. I have one son who is cerebral palsied and another son who was diagnosed in school as behavior disorder.

Both sons ended up in classrooms designed for their disability. Neither of those classrooms worked.

As far as my son with a behavior disorder, it was due to a school system being the one to label my child when they in fact were the ones to mis-diagnose his condition early in his school experience. It turned out my son was very dyslexic and could not interpret to paper what he read. Over and over the teachers told me he just won't try when his problem was extreme frustration. He knew what he read and he could repeat to me anything he had studied, but when it came to test time he would fail. As he was continuously told he just wasn't trying, he gave up and as a result became a behavior disorder child. I obtain real help and a real diagnosis too late in his school career to help him. As a result of this mis-diagnosis, he never came to terms with his disability and the behovior problem spiraled. He committed suicicde at 27 years old.

Don't let the schools label your children. If they have a problem with your child, seek professional help and only rely on that professional to diagnose your child problems. Stuffing all the children with labels into one classroom will not solve problems of violence in the schools. The only thing that will accomplish is to put all the problem children in one room where they can feed off each other. This is not a solution and I pray your eyes will be opened.