Meth bust gets four locked up

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By DeAnna Lasley

Four people were arrested at a St. Paul address after meth was discovered.


Amy Grant, 29 and Cathy Nuckols, 60, were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine first offense around 9 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 20. The women lived at 574 St. Paul Road in Leitchfield and allowed a search of the home.

Detective Terry Blanton discovered a meth lab on the second floor of the home, leading to manufacturing charges for all four individuals.

Charles T. Gibson, 29 and Michael Green, 42, of Clarkson were charged with manufacturing meth first offense. Other charges for Gibson included possession of drug paraphernalia. Green was charged with possession of marijuana, meth and drug paraphernalia, as well as the manufacturing charge.

Blanton said additional charges are possible due to the discovery of medication found at the residence. Those charges depend on the identity of the medication.

Kentucky State Police assisted with the bust. The sheriff’s department cleaned up the meth lab.

Blanton said the home was a rental property and therefore could not be placard to warn future residents of the meth activity. State law requires placards on homes where meth is discovered if the home is owned by the individual involved. No state law exists in protecting the future residents of rental properties or hotel/motel rooms where a meth lab is discovered.