Man drowns at Rough River

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By DeAnna Lasley

No one knows why Josh Myatt, 25, of Falls of Rough died last Thursday, June 23.
Officials at the scene speculated that a fall may have to lead to the drowning.
Myatt was taken to Louisville for an autopsy but preliminary results do not reveal a cause for the drowning, Coroner Joe Brad Hudson said.
Hudson is waiting to hear from the medical examiner for a cause of death. According to Hudson, Myatt died Wednesday but didn’t have an exact time for the death.
According to Dave Colston, a diver and firefighters with Falls of  Rough Fire Department, family members noticed Myatt missing Thursday afternoon and  called for assistance finding him.
Myatt had gone fishing at a dock near Fallen Branch Fishing Club off Fusting Lane. The dock was separated from shore, requiring Myatt to boat out to the dock. The boat was found at the dock still tied and Myatt’s fishing gear was still on the dock.
Colston said he dove for roughly one hour looking for Myatt near the dock. Rex King, also a firefighter with Falls of Rough Fire Department, discovered Myatt’s body roughly 100 feet from the dock near the shore in shallow water.

Myatt was laid to rest Sunday, June 26 in Lone Star Cemetery. He is survived by his wife, Brenda Logsdon Myatt; son, Gary Myatt; daughter, Beth Myatt; father and stepmother, Gary Wayne and Debbie Myatt; two brothers and two stepsisters.  Myatt's obituary can be found on the obituary page at www.graysonrecord.com.