Grayson County Clerk

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By The Staff

Duties of the county clerk: duties of the county clerk are numerous and varied, falling into the general categories of clerical duties of the fiscal court, issuing and registering, recording and keeping records of various legal instruments including vehicle licensing and registration, marriage  and divorce record, military discharge records, professional licenses, property deeds and conveyances, chattel mortgages,  voter registration and purgation, election duties, and tax duties including preparing reports for the property valuation administrator and preparing tax bills. Qualifications: must be twenty-one years of age, a citizen of Kentucky, a resident of the state for two years, and a resident of the county in which he is a candidate for one year preceding his election. He must also procure from a judge of the court of appeals, or a judge of the circuit court, a certificate that he has been examined by the clerk of the court under the judge’s supervision and is qualified for the office. The position has a four year term.


Source: Legislative Research Commission 2002


Tonya Kessinger

Tonya Kessinger has worked in the county clerk’s office for nearly 11 years. If elected, her goals for the office is to continue the friendly and efficient service the office already gives. While  she plans some minor changes, the office will stay much as it is today.

“I want to update the office to the digital age,” Kessinger said.

One improvement she will work toward is making the Internet a tool for the office and public. Kessinger wants to work with the technology department in Frankfort and the county attorney on what information can be made accessible to the public without encroaching on privacy issues.  Frankfort has helped the office with more up to date computer equipment and in developing a website.

Kessinger  currently updates the website and maintains the budget for the office. With fees down and the county not growing, Kessinger has experience in controlling expenses and staying within budget.

Sherry Weedman

Sherry Weedman is proud of the strides taken by the county clerk’s office to be more accessible through technology. The office is scanning updated property plats and marriage licenses through a grant received from Frankfort. Frankfort has assisted the office in new computers and one of her goals, if elected, is striving to get more grants for similar technology updates. However, not everyone is computer savvy, Weedman said.

She wants to keep the office able to function in both worlds, technological and paper. Her main goal for the office is service with a personnel touch. Weedman wants the public to be able to come in and get good, quality, friendly service regardless of the business they need to attend. Customer service will be the basic service she said.

She wants the staff to work together and give a good experience to those that come through the door. For those that don’t know all the steps through the process of licensing a car or filling a deed, she wants the office to offer guidance in a friendly and polite way and with common courtesy.